Getting the most value for your money when it comes to plantation shutters, is something that everybody wants. When you make a great purchase, it is an investment. Yet, more often than not, consumers fall prey to the attractiveness of the cheapest price.

You work hard for your money and you want to get the most out of the money you spend. From your income, you need to take care of your current everyday expenses, pay the mortgage, put food on the table, entertain yourself and save what you have leftover at the end of the week. With so much to take care of, it is only natural for the cheapest price to look very attractive.

I personally had an experience that made me realize the inconvenience one can go through by making a purchase decision based solely on price.

I purchased a Camper trailer to travel to Uluru a couple of years ago and wanted to get the Best Quality Camper trailer with all the features. The one we liked was $15k so I decided to look around a bit more. I went around and looked at all the trailers of different brands and decided that we would purchase the cheapest trailer at $5,500. At the moment, I was proud of myself for saving $9500 because we had no intention of using the trailer much after the trip anyway. This trip was something I’ve been planning to take for a while and wanted it to be perfect but what followed was just days of nightmares and stress.

Halfway through the rough road of the Northern Territory, our trailer snapped right down the middle. Can you guess the amount I paid to fix it and get it back home? $7000. For $5,500, we bought a bad product, poor customer service from the trailer company as they had no interest in even listening to us and a disastrous trip. The sales representative was just a con artist selling his words and false statements, not a good quality product.

Even though a lot of things went south, I did take away a few precious lessons.

·       Best Quality

·       How long it will last

·       If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

When Shutters2You came into being, I decided to focus on everything I looked for when purchasing a product – to connect with the consumers and provide them with a happy and comfortable experience. Here is what you can expect from us!

Why Our Shutters are Different and Why we are Different

When it comes to your new plantation shutters, we strive and make every effort to keep the cost as low as possible as we want to provide our customers with the greatest quality best-made plantation shutters available at the lowest possible price.

Here are some reasons why we can’t be the cheapest plantation shutters on the market:

Reinforced Engineered Wood Styles

Multiple layers of hardwood veneer bonded together, strengthen the core of the style providing a lifetime of durability and stability for our shutters.

Invisible Easy Tilt

The Louvres move in unison like magic with no visible tilt rod.

Invisible easy tilt’s gear-driven system is built into each style and operates the louvres flawlessly with precision light and view control.

Quality Plantation Shutters

Built TOUGH to Prevent Dings and Dents

Our shutters are built to suit all lifestyles, are easy to clean, have hard-wearing colour fastness backed by our no questions asked warranty for life’s little mishaps.

Quarter Sawn Louvres

Not like the inferior flat sawn louvres seen in regular timber shutters, our quarter sawn louvres withstand the timbers natural tendency to cup, twist and warp.

Mortise & Tenon Joinery

Found only in finely crafted furniture, our mortise and tenon joints will help keep your shutters square, straight and true which guarantees long term functionality.

Superior Finishing

Our shutter manufacturing process includes multiple hand sanding and finishing sequences for a richer and luxurious finish.

For our Woodlore range, the polypropylene coating is a medical-grade quality creating a healthy home and resists scratching, chipping, peeling and yellowing under the harsh Australian sun.

Prescription Wood Conditioning

The moisture content in each timber shutter component is custom kiln dried for 6 months in a specially built facility to match the Australian conditions.

This is a unique drying process that improves the long-term stability of our shutter panels and frames once we install them in your home.

Long-term Performance and Value

We don’t sell PVC plantation shutters because we know the final product will not meet expectations. Unlike most of our competitors, we make our shutters with engineered styles environmentally sustainable materials and recyclable plastics i.e. ABS and Polypropylene. The material enables us to manufacture lighter shutters that are firm high quality and will last a lifetime.

PVC shutters are heavy panels sag overtime ‘’which is not covered in their 30-year warranty due to the general wear and tear clause” they wobble when you open them especially on huge windows that are commonly found in Australia. This leaves an impact on the opening and closing of the panels.  Put us to the test as soon as you hold our shutters you will feel the difference. When you invest in our plantation shutters, you’ll have long-lasting shutters that are more of an investment than an expenditure because it will keep its shape, functions and beauty for years.

Here is what to look for in a poorly made shutter:

Here is what to look for in a poorly made shutter:

  • No Engineered styles – Will bow twist and cup in the sun
  • PVC or Polymer – No mortise & tenon joints, the joints are just screwed together
  •  Rattling blades, make sure you see a sample take the bottom blade and give it a shake, did it rattle? Yes? Shutters2You Shutters Don’t!
  • Shut the blades using the very bottom blade, Do all the blades close evenly without needing to touch it in 2 or 3 places?  Shutters2You Shutters shut perfectly and never rattle or even have a visible tilt rod otherwise known as Clearview.

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