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Enduring, constantly in vogue, and delivering an air of timeless opulence to your home — Shutters2You provides and artisanally installs premier indoor window shutters in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, and the Blue Mountains.

Perfectly tailored to fit your household openings, pleasingly durable, and ideally suited to the challenges of the Australian climate — our interior shutters provide a more luxurious alternative to standard indoor blinds and curtains.

With transparent quotations, exceptional customer service, and skilled workmanship — Shutters2You is your go-to shutter partner in the Sydney area.

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Why Opt for Internal Window Shutters?

It’s crucial that you can control the level of window airflow, light penetration, insulation, and privacy to suit your personal preferences, seasonal fluctuations, and day/night transitions. But why choose an indoor shutter instead of blinds or curtains?

In short, because they offer the ultimate in elegance and versatility.

Skillfully installed and attached to the inside of your windows by our team of craftsmen — the timeless appeal of our indoor shutters provides a solution that is continually on trend, offers an ambience of decadent luxury, and can be lovingly customised with a multitude of colours and designs to perfectly complement and enhance your current home decor.

Effortless to control, straightforward to clean, and offering greater safety for children and pets than other interior options — our indoor shutters for windows are the ultimate covering option.

The advantages of internal shutters include:

✔ Easy to clean — just wipe with a soft microfibre cloth.
✔ Increase kerb appeal, desirability, and property value.
✔ Offer unparalleled privacy.
✔ Add additional security on your windows.
✔ Robust and durable.
✔ Effortless to maintain.
✔ Available in a choice of styles, colours, and designs.
✔ Choice of PVC, engineered, or timber material.
✔ Impressive insulation qualities — keeping heating and cooling costs down.
✔ Shield against dangerous UV light.
✔ Ideal for vintage and modern home aesthetics.
✔ Safe — no cord strangulation risks.

If you want more information on the incredible benefits of shutters — and how they compare against blinds and curtains — check out our Ultimate Shutters Pros and Cons guide.

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What’s the Best Material for Australian Internal Shutters?

At Shutters2You, we understand that every home and its window covering requirements are different — in addition to your personal aesthetic and practical preferences.That’s why we’re proud to offer a choice of window shutters interior materials:

The premier shutter material, our high-quality timber delivers character, warmth, and reassuring environmental qualities.

With a low carbon footprint and only sourced from fast-growing sustainable forests, our wood shutters are the ideal option for the eco-aware. Timelessly elegant, moisture resistant, and with a comforting natural grain — they can be installed with a natural finish, complementary stain, or painted hue.

Basswood indoor shutters

Basswood (Tilia Americana)

A fine, close grain that’s accentuated by staining and pleasingly odourless — Basswood is low on knottage for a clean, modern finish.


Impressively sustainable, taking just 8-10 years to maturity, Paulownia is high in moisture resistance — making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Paulownia indoor shutters
White Teak indoor shutters

White Teak (Tectona Grandis)

A combination of wavy and tight-lined graining characterises white teak — it possesses a high fire resistance rating and is sourced from FSC-certified plantations.


A high-quality hardwood that combines functionality with beauty — offering impressive durability and available in a choice of 27 colour options.

brightwood indoor shutters
Phoenixwood indoor shutters


A rich natural grain that exudes character and opulence — boasting one of the highest weight-to-strength ratios and comes with 51 paint and stain choices.


Manufactured from sustainably managed hardwoods — our Ultra shutters are built from numerous tree species and deliver an impressive modern aesthetic.

Ultra Indoor Shutters

What’s the Best Material for Australian Internal Shutters?

At Shutters2You, we understand that every home and its window covering requirements are different — in addition to your personal aesthetic and practical preferences.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a choice of window shutters interior materials:

Boasting contemporary styling and construction, Shutters2You’s premium PVC shutters are a modern alternative to the timber format.

Also known as polymer shutters, these window coverings boast 100 percent moisture resistance — making them the ideal option for wet areas in the home. And with incredible insulation levels and a more affordable price point than wood — they’re excellent for the budget-minded.

Ecosmart Indoor Shutters


Phenomenally dimensionally stable — i.e. their shape isn’t affected by temperature changes — these chip-resistant shutters are available in 15 colour options.


With restricted colour options allowing us to achieve economies of scale — Ultralight offers all the impressive build qualities of EcoSmart, but at an incredible budget price.

Ultralight Indoor Shutters

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Engineered/Hybrid Shutters

Using a fusion of materials, our hybrid and engineered shutters offer the supreme amalgam of affordability, customisation, and durability.

Recyclable materials combine with sustainable timbers, delivering moisture resistance and aesthetic beauty that will appeal to the traditionalist and modernist.

Woodlore Indoor Shutters


Innovatively constructed from premium MDF, its clinical-grade polypropylene coating shields against moisture and UV rays.

Woodlore Plus

A premium hybrid that seamlessly integrates engineered wood stiles with lightweight yet robust ABS recyclable louvres.

Woodlore Plus Indoor Shutters
Woodlore Waterproof Indoor Shutters

Woodlore Waterproof

All the benefits of Woodlore Plus, but with exceptional waterproof qualities — ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, and laundry rooms.


Basswood frames and stiles combine beautifully with polymer blades — ensuring a traditional aesthetic with modern insulation advantages.

Basstech Indoor Shutters

The Shutters2You Team and Experience

Our friendly, dedicated team boasts years of experience in quality installations and workmanship.

Installing plantation shutters isn’t just our job, it’s our passion — with each door and window furnishing as lovingly and artisanally built and fitted as the last. Beautifully crafted and shaped by our qualified carpenters, we ensure your home and business benefit from the ultimate in design, quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Shutters2You’s Interior Window Shutters Features

Our reputation for high-quality and reliable shutters hails from our insistence on installing premium-grade window coverings. Partnering with the leading exponents of Australian shutter manufacture — MYT and Norman — enables us to confidently pledge low maintenance and years of trouble-free operation.

Our exceptional indoor window shutters are characterised by:

No visible or obtrusive tilt rods.
Incredible quality indoor plantation shutters.
Premium wood conditioning.
Rich and opulent finishes.
Effortless folding shutters for windows.
Timber, polymer, and reinforced engineered styles.
Up to 30 years warranty.
CAD designs submitted for approval.
Incredible light, security, airflow, heat, and privacy control.
Suitable for non-rectangular windows.

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Why Choose Shutters2You for Your Interior Shutter Installation?

Celebrated for our unparalleled customer service, artisan installers, and insistence on only providing premium grade window coverings — Shutters2You is the premier shutter business in Sydney.

From the initial measuring and free quote, through to installation and post-job clean-up — every aspect of our service excels the highest professional standards. Extensive industry knowledge, superlative insight of materials, and a can-do attitude mean every fitting is completed flawlessly — whether just one window or a complete home.

Relentlessly focusing on your needs, preferences, and challenges — we will provide tailored solutions that meet your budget level.

Custom fit and installation.
Expert professional advice.
Solve your window challenges.
Only premium quality products.
Vast style, colour, and design range.
Backed by up to 30 years warranty.
You break it, we fix it once for free.

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Care Instructions for Your Window Shutters

To keep your window shutters looking amazing, functioning perfectly, and lasting for the years to come — follow our top five tips on shutter care:

1. Dust with a microfiber cloth or vacuum weekly — preventing detritus build-up.
2. For timber shutters, treat only with a gentle wood polish or timber cleaner.
3. Clean painted shutters with a microfiber cloth, a little warm water, and dishwashing liquid — rinse afterwards.
4. Use a soft toothbrush to access harder-to-reach areas.
5. Don’t forget to clean the hinging areas.

Indoor Window Shutters FAQs

Q: What Are the Benefits of Using Window Shutters?

Offering a timeless aesthetic, window shutters deliver effortless control of airflow, insulation, privacy, and light ingress. And, available in a plethora of styles, designs, materials, and colours — they both complement and enhance your home.

Q: What Are Indoor Shutters?

An indoor shutter is a robust window covering that incorporates horizontal rails with vertical stiles. The louvres can be tilted and rotated to alter light and air penetration.

Q: Why Choose Interior Shutters?

Straightforward to operate, long-lasting, and safe for children and pets — interior shutters offer a more opulent alternative to interior curtains and blinds.

Q: How Do I Maintain My Shutter Blinds?

Dust or vacuum weekly, pay attention to the hinges, only use a soft cloth, and never utilise harsh cleaning materials or chemicals.

Q: What Are the Pros and Cons of Indoor Shutter Blinds?

Indoor shutters provide years of reliability, versatile control, and effortless cleaning — however, they’re at a higher price point than blinds and curtains, difficult to self-fit, and cannot be completely raised.

For a complete investigation of the advantages and disadvantages, check out our Ultimate Window Shutters Pros and Cons Guide.

Q: Can I Fit Indoor Shutters Myself?

It’s tempting to measure your own windows, purchase some indoor shutters from Bunnings, and attempt to fit them yourself. However, unless you’re a skilled carpenter — we wouldn’t recommend it.

Unlike curtains and blinds, which a skilled DIYer could install themselves — accurate fitting of shutters, handling the material, and ensuring they function correctly is incredibly challenging. We recommend leaving installing indoor window shutters
to the experts!

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