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Elegant, traditional, yet reassuringly contemporary — Shutters2You’s custom-designed and made curtains in Sydney complement and enhance each and every room in your home, while adding unmatched insulation, privacy, and light-shielding options.

As premier curtain specialists, we offer high-quality sheers, blockouts, s-folds, and double — lovingly and artisanally tailored to perfectly fit every window shape and suit your current interior styling.

Furthermore, with an exceptional line-up of fabrics, trims, tie-backs, pelmets, and accessories — Shutters2You can add an exquisite finishing touch to each and every hanging.

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Our Made-to-Measure Curtains in Sydney Range

There’s no household room, workspace, or alfresco area that will not benefit from the practicality and elegant simplicity of curtains. Their beauty and intrinsic versatility allow Shutters2You to fit and install a vast range of curtains in Penrith & Sydney, for an absolute multitude of applications and locations, including:

Commercial curtains.
House curtains
Bedroom curtains.
Living room curtains.
Kitchen curtains.
Full and partial door curtains.
Bay window curtains.
Bathroom window curtains.
French door curtains.
Sliding door curtains.
Outdoor curtains.

If you don’t see your desired curtains format above — fear not! Shutters2You’s skilled team of window and door hanging professionals can skillfully create Australian-made curtains tailored for your chosen space.

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Colours of Our Luxury Curtains in Sydney

Whether your home decor has a modern, sleek, minimalist character, or a more traditional classic or retro theme — Shutters2You will provide and fit custom-made curtains in Sydney that complement and enhance your living spaces.

Our extensive range of tones and patterns means there’s a hue to suit your home — from vibrant and bold through to soft and reserved. Just book an appointment, and we will expertly guide you through our line-up, discuss options, and suggest ideas for colour choices.

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Curtain Fabric Options

Your fabric style is as crucial to creating a particular feel as the colour — that’s why, as the premier curtain suppliers in Sydney, we proudly retail and install a wide choice of material options — offering pleasing aesthetics and practicality:

Sheer Curtains Sydney

Sheer Curtains in Sydney

Elegant, luxurious, and decadent — our coloured sheer curtains appear exceptionally delicate yet are pleasingly durable. Custom-made from translucent fabrics, for example, polyester voile, they permit generous light flooding with some ultraviolet shielding.

Allowing significant outward visibility onto your local land or streetscape, our curtains sheers create a feeling of space combined with sophistication. Although offering little in terms of insulation, they offer privacy in daylight hours — allowing you to look outside, yet preventing others from peering in.

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Uncoated Fabric Curtains

Offering simplicity and affordability, yet providing your home with more light absorption and insulation than sheers — Shutters2You’s custom uncoated fabric curtains are a popular choice for homeowners who want back-to-basics door and window hangings.

Composed from tightly-woven fabrics, they’re virtually opaque in ambient lighting conditions. Usually a poly-cotton blend, they’re straightforward to maintain and clean, making them ideal for homes with children. Bear in mind that in strong sunlight conditions, they will permit some light visibility through the material.

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Curtains Sydney uncoated fabric
Curtains Sydney coated fabric

Coated Fabric Curtains

When you want significant light absorption to shield against powerful Australian sunshine — then consider Shutters2You’s impressive line-up of coated fabric curtains.

Available in a multitude of colour, tone, and pattern options, these beautiful window and door coverings feature the standard frontage of an uncoated hanging, with the addition of a mighty rubber backing — creating greater illumination shielding while remaining reassuringly lightweight. In most circumstances, these versatile curtains block between 50 to 70 percent of exterior light sources.

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Lining Fabric Curtains

If you demand the light absorption delivered by coated fabric, yet want a more refined and elegant approach than the somewhat harsh rubber backing — consider our lined fabric curtain line-up.

An exquisitely finished frontage adds character and luxury to your room, while the rear incorporates a separate and yet, complementary material backing — not just guarding against penetrative light, but also promising welcome home insulation. Although the lining isn’t patterned or coloured — it has a more pleasing synchronicity than the rubber option.

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lining fabric curtains near me
Blockout Curtains Near Me

Blockout Curtains in Sydney

Shutters2You offers uncompromising block out curtains for your bedroom and living room — guaranteeing the ultimate in privacy, ultraviolet light shielding, and home insulation.

Our light blocking curtains are available in a multitude of fabric, colour, and pattern choices in both twin and single-track formats. These thick curtains are excellent for sun-facing rooms, evening intimacy, and for ensuring an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

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S-Fold Curtains

On-trend and adding sophistication to your rooms, Shutters2You’s S-Fold curtains deliver pleasing operation combined with a distinctive character.

Lovingly crafted and hung with a gentle flowing wave — the ‘S’ — they ensure a pleasant smooth opening and closing experience, draping gorgeously and adding softness and texture to your home. Furthermore, available in a block out curtains format — they offer light-shielding practicality without a compromise on aesthetics.

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S Fold Curtains Sydney
Double Curtains Sydney

Double Curtains

When you desire the illumination-flooding and open feel of sheer linen curtains in the daytime, yet demand the privacy of light blocking curtains in the evening — you need Shutters2You’s double curtains.

Twin curtains with twin tracks provide the pinnacle of versatility — typically seen in high-end hotels — allowing you to choose your light penetration level at any time of the day, while also ensuring the indulgence of an attractive outer.

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Curtain Accessories

At Shutters2You, our curtain making and installation in Sydney isn’t confined just to our luxurious, durable, and versatile window and door drapes. We also fit and retail a plethora of accessories — allowing you to personalise your hangings for your particular tastes and preferences, as well as providing welcome replacements.

Although not an exclusive list, we happily supply and install:

Curtain tie backs — cloth or loop cord.
Opener flick-sticks or wands.
Curtain tracks — including cord-drawn.
Motorised tracks.
Pelmets — both soft and padded.
Rod brackets.
Holdbacks — large hooks, an alternative to a tie-back.
Finials — decorative knobs on the ends of rods.

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Curtain Header Styles

Put on a top hat, and you’re refined, don a baseball cap, and you’re street smart. What’s on your head makes a significant difference to your appearance and appeal.

In the same way, your choice of curtain header can dramatically affect the aesthetics and character of your drapes. At Shutters2You, we’re happy to advise you on our vast range of header options — allowing you to create the feel you demand. These include:

Rod pocket (pole pocket) — ideal for lightweight sheers, the rod simply slides into a material-incorporated pouch.
Curtain rings — standing proud above the curtain material, offering an easy slide and contemporary feel.
Eyelet curtains (grommet) — modern styling with rings incorporated into the fabric, available in a choice of metal-effect finishes.
Tab-Top — fabric loops attached to the curtain, allowing significant light penetration at the top.
Tie-Top — like tabs, but with a tied knot of fabric, excellent for kid’s rooms, shabby chic, and a traditional farmhouse feel.
Pencil pleat curtains — thin, informal pleats that can function with a rod or track.
Goblet pleat — a mostly decorative feature, which looks dramatic but unsuitable for heavy use curtains.
Pinch pleat curtains — pinched and stitched, this header delivers a formal, bold look to heavier hangings.

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Curtain Tracks in Sydney

Although sometimes determined by your curtain fabric choice and header format — there are a multitude of tracking possibilities for your window and door furnishings.

At Shutters2You, we’re proud that all our curtain tracking is manufactured right here in Australia — allowing us to confidently provide you with high-quality and durable sliding solutions for your preferences and needs.

These feature:

Rods and tracks — singles and doubles.
Curtain tracks.
Curved and corner tracking.
Both plastic and metal tracks.
Corded tracks.
Tracks for bay windows.
Double curtain tracks.
Cordless tracking.
Curtain rods and rings.
Valance and track sets.
Double curtain rods.

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Curtain Automation With Motorised Curtains in Sydney

Just because curtains are comfortingly traditional, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the convenience of 21st-century technology.

Our electric curtains deliver the practicality, luxury, and demands of a modern lifestyle. Unobtrusive, they don’t impair the classic aesthetic or hang, but do add an element of decadence with a contemporary feel — while also permitting those who are ability challenged to open and close heavy curtains with ease.

Furthermore, our smart curtains range enables you to connect with your home or office wireless network, or pair with smartphone apps — meaning no additional remote controls.

Although we have a number of curtain motors, typically, they all boast:

Almost silent operation.
Mighty 100 kg curtain weight capacity.
Touch-to-Start — a gentle pull, and the drape will auto-move.
No power? You can still manually operate the curtain.
In-built wireless receiver for effortless network communication.
Premium motors meeting ISO-9001 standards.
Chosen manufacturer that’s ISO 1400 environmentally accredited.

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Curtain Installation Sydney

At Shutters2You, our experienced team of curtain specialists will measure, consult, advise, quote, and finally fit your dream window and door hangings. Each install is accurately and precisely conducted to ensure the perfect finish and operation.

Furthermore, we will advise and recommend the best care of your hanging curtains’ fabrics and accessories, troubleshoot any issues, and enthusiastically address any concerns.

We will happily quote, measure, and install:

Curtains in the Hills District.
Curtains on the Sydney North Shore.
Curtains in Sydney’s Inner West.
Curtains in Sydney Eastern Suburbs.
Curtains in Penrith.
Curtains in the Blue Mountains.
Curtains on the Central Coast.
Curtains in Wollongong.
Curtains in Sydney.
Curtains in Greater Sydney.
Curtains in Newcastle.
Curtains on the South Coast.

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Our Curtains — Made Locally and Supporting Australian Business

Reassuringly local to you, our curtain ranges and accessories are manufactured in Australia — boosting Aussie businesses, giving you the peace of mind of a low-carbon footprint, and promising the highest quality.

Furthermore, by utilising knowledgeable and local suppliers — it means a short time frame from quote to installation — allowing you to relish your phenomenal drapes without delay.

With a range that includes everything from sheers to blackouts, a cornucopia of accessories, the most gorgeous fabric choices, and options of manual or motorised operation — Shutters2You is proud to service Sydney and its surrounding homes and businesses.

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Shutters2You’s Curtain Service in Sydney FAQs

Q: What Are the Different Types of Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains allow generous light penetration to illuminate your room. Our range includes cotton, poly, silk, gauze, chiffon, and linen curtains in Sydney.

Q: What Are the Different Types of Ways to Hang Curtains?

At Shutters2You, we offer a plethora of methods for curtain hanging, to suit your preferences and the character you wish to project. Although not exhaustive, this features poles, rods, grommets, pockets, rings, tab-tops, and tie-tops.

Q: Which Type of Curtains Are Best?

The best curtains for your home depends on your budget, style, operation preferences, insulation requirements, and illumination demands. Call us at Shutters2You, the premier suppliers and installers of curtains and blinds in Sydney, and we will happily consult and advise on the ideal drapes for you.

Q: What Are Transparent Curtains Called?

Traditionally known as sheers, transparent — or more accurately translucent — curtains allow generous light illumination, add elegance to your room, and permit visibility of the world outside.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Sheer and Semi-Sheer?

Semi-sheers offer a little more privacy when compared to pure sheers. While still permitting substantial light ingress, they prevent wandering outdoor eyes peering into your rooms.

Q: What Is Sheer Curtain Material?

Sheer curtains are manufactured from a translucent material, such as lace, chiffon, gauze, cotton, or polyester.

Q: What Type of Curtains Provide Privacy at Night?

Blocking 100 percent of light, blackout — sometimes known as block out — curtains deliver the most privacy. For a more elegant look in your room, consider a double curtain — a beautiful sheer outer with an opaque inner.

Q: Which Colour Curtain Is Best for Bedroom?

Soft pastel colours — blues, greens, and pinks — promote relaxation and are ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Q: How Do You Match Curtains to a Room?

Ideally, opt for a tone that’s a few degrees lighter or darker than the surrounding walls. Furthermore, if you have heavily patterned wallpaper, go for plain drapes — and vice versa. Give us a call, and we can advise on the perfect door and window hangings for your home.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains, sometimes referred to as blockout curtains, have the advantages of:

Reducing outside noise.
Eliminating light penetration.
Blocking UV rays.
Increasing privacy.

Q: How Do Smart Curtains Work?

Smart curtains utilise a motor and integrated wireless receiver to communicate with your home network. This permits you to control the opening and closing of your drapes via a smartphone or tablet. Get in touch for a demonstration.

Q: How Much Do Smart Curtains Cost?

While unsurprisingly a little harder on the wallet than manually operated hangings, smart curtains aren’t prohibitively expensive. Call us for a quote, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So Don’t Delay, Book Your Curtain Quote Today! And Enjoy the Best Curtains in Sydney!