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The Ultimate Wooden Window Shutters in Sydney

Durable, sustainable, and decadently luxurious — the characteristics that perfectly define our wooden plantation shutters.

Lovingly crafted from premium timbers — including Basswood, Paulownia, and white teak — our natural wood plantation shutters deliver a reassuring warm and cosy ambience to your living or working spaces.

Pleasingly versatile, they permit effortless tailoring of light penetration, fresh air flow, and privacy. And, available in a welcome range of colours, designs, and finishes — they’re suitable for any style of home decor.

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Why Choose Plantation Wooden Shutters Blinds?

Few door and window furnishings can match the timeless elegance of plantation shutters.

Clean horizontal lines, an element of tradition combined with modernity, and permitting natural light to flood your room — the reasons why many people opt for plantation shutters for their home or work spaces.

Timber coverings add that extra-special dimension. Manufactured from premium-quality sustainable woods, they offer the benefits of:

✔ Inherent beauty of natural grain.
✔ Grow in character as the years pass.
✔ Offer a long-term, robust window covering solution.
✔ Warp, heat, and UV light resistant.
✔ Suitable for contemporary and traditional home designs.
✔ Excellent light, heat, and airflow control.
✔ Effortless to clean.
✔ Available in natural finish or painted.
✔ Moisture resistant.

Our High-Quality Timber Shutter Woods

At Shutters2You, our esteemed reputation hails from our skilled and timely installation, combined with our insistence on only utilising high-grade materials.

Unlike many inferior quality plantation shutters, our timber window coverings will not warp or fade, suffer malfunction through intense use, or need replacement within a few years.

Instead, our superior wood shutters offer the pinnacle of durability and beauty — complementing and enhancing your space as the years go by. Our most popular timber coverings include:

Basswood Shutters

Basswood Shutters (Tilia Americana)

Considered by many experts to be the optimum shutter material, Basswood has perhaps the most exquisite finish of all window covering timbers.

A hardwood, yet surprisingly light, it offers the excellent advantages of durability combined with ease of operation. A tight fine grain, minimal knots, and gorgeously complemented by staining — Basswood takes just 20 years to grow to maturity, guaranteeing reassuring sustainability.

Odour: Odour-free
Styling options: 15 colours, 14 stains
Blades: Flat and elliptical
Insulation: Moderate
Shutter width: 1.9 m (2 panels), 2.2 m (Supaspan)
Durability: High
Stiles: 40 mm, 50.8 mm and 63.5 mm

Paulownia Shutters

Remarkably fast-growing — reaching maturity in just 8-10 years — Paulownia is the ideal option for the environmentally conscious.

With a straight and almost parallel grain, its natural patternation is viewable through paints — providing the warmth of natural wood even when coloured. Highly moisture resistant, it’s an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Odour: Odour-free
Styling options: 8 colours, 7 stains and rustic range
Blades: 63 mm and 89 mm
Insulation: High – 0.07 Kcal/m/hr/Cdeg
Shutter width: 1.9 m (2 panels)
Durability: Moderate — long-lasting but liable to dents
Stiles: 40 mm, 50.8 mm and 63.5 mm

Paulownia Shutters
White Teak Shutters

White Teak Shutters (Tectona Grandis)

Combining tight-lined and wavy grains, our white teak range is perfectly complemented by stains and colours — delivering an air of opulence to your home.

Grown in FSC-certified plantations, the wood offers a sustainable option for timber plantation shutters. Lightweight, odourless, and with a high fire-resistance rating, it’s a versatile option that would grace any room in your home.

Odour: Odour-free
Styling options: 8 colours, 7 stains and rustic range
Blades: 63 mm, 76 mm, 89 mm, and 114 mm
Insulation: Low to moderate
Shutter width: 1.9 m (2 panels)
Durability: High
Stiles: 40 mm, 50.8 mm and 63.5 mm

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Shutters2You’s Wooden Shutter Plantation Brands

Partnering with the undisputed champions of shutter innovation — Shutters2You is proud to install and fit the MYT and Norman window covering ranges.

Since 2005, the Australian-owned and managed MYT has been lovingly crafting premium timber plantation shutters in its own factories. Driven by artisanship, novel development, and industry expertise — it allows us to provide you with the ultimate in product beauty, durability, and reliability.

Our wooden shutters are characterised by:

Only utilising sustainable woods.
In-house innovation and manufacture.
Unused timber and off-cuts are recycled.
Using specially formulated stains and paints.
UV resistant and low VOC coatings.
Non-toxic and fire retardant.
Safe for pets, children, and allergy sufferers.
Ultra-dynamic light control.
Custom-made shutters bespoke to your home.
Up to 30 years warranty.

Want An Alternative to Timber?

If you feel that natural wood shutters aren’t suitable for your home styling, or don’t meet your stringent use applications, consider our PVC range instead.

Also referred to as polymers, our PVC window coverings deliver a highly practical alternative to timber. Their consistent toning and robust bold lines may appeal to those looking for a contemporary feel, while their 100 percent waterproof characteristics make them the shutter of choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and humid coastal areas.

And, slightly easier on your bank balance than wood and offering higher insulation efficiency — they’re an excellent option for the budget-minded.

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Our years of hands-on industry experience make us the ultimate choice for window coverings in Sydney. From your initial consultation, measure, and quote through to installation, post-job clean-up, and after-sales maintenance — you are assured the pinnacle of professionalism and satisfaction.

Premium woods, always environmentally focused, and with custom-tailored shutters — we give your windows and doors the VIP treatment.

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