BrightWood Plantation Shutters

Creating affordability by blending premium hardwood panels with Engineered Wood Core frames

Brightwood is made with Premium hardwood louvres, stiles and rails providing you with a solid timber shutter which can then be mounted on the same frames
used for Woodlore Plus.

The result is a great looking hardwood shutter allowing a greater panel width (1066mm).

Brightwood is also able to be custom shaped to fit triangular, circular or raked window openings.

It lends itself very well to the manufacture of shutters and is able to be used for general window applications, or in conjunction with tracking for door applications.


Brightwood, being a solid timber has a relatively high density. This
density makes it an excellent insulator providing a very high level of thermal
resistance. This will prevent heat loss in winter, and keep the room cooler in


Due to its Engineered stiles unique to all Norman shutters,
Brightwood is highly resistant to warping when kept within limitations.

Moisture Resistance

Brightwood, being a painted timber has a degree of
moisture resistance however it is not recommended for use in high moisture


Brightwood is available in 27 different colours and also is available in
custom colours.

Colour Fastness

Brightwood is not susceptible to colour fade due to the quality of
our paint finish. Our proprietary paint system uses 7 separate coats.
The final top coat is a UV protective layer locking the colour in.

-Wider panel width (1066mm), and more layout configurations achievable
-Choice of 27 colours plus custom colour option
-Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option
-Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
-Can be used as a door option
-Now available in special shapes

Brightwood Plantation Shutters