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BrightWood Plantation Shutters

Normandy Plantation Shutters

Normandy plantation shuttes are made from the timber sorced from the Phoenix Tree (Paulownia Fortunei) Phoenixwood classed as hardwood,
and comes from the Paulowniaceae family of trees.

A number of other sub-species of the Paulownia genus may also be used, depending on availability of supply, and all are nearly identical in appearance and character.

This timber carries a Forest Stewardship Council certificate (license code FSCC028206). It complies with the standards FSC-STD-40-003 V1.0 and FSC-STD-40-004 V2.1, which ensures Chain of Custody requirements are observed, and ensures that the timber is planted and harvested in an environmentally appropriate manner, and that the harvest maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.

51 Colours & Stains

Normandy is available in a variety of standard stain and paint colours.
Normandy when stained uses Phoenixwood which, in its natural state has a very
even colour, which makes it ideal to stain. Phoenixwood is a natural timber, and as
such, some variation in colour and texture may occur.

Colour Fastness Built For Life

As Normandy is stained or painted, it is generally not susceptible
to colour change to any great degree. If colour change does occur, it will be a
gradual change, and adds to the character of the timber.

Hardness To Weight Ratio The Perfect Combination

Normandy is naturally a medium density timber, and has an excellent
strength-to-weight ratio despite its light feel. Even though it offers a comparative
amount of resistance, its use in high traffic areas or places where it may be bumped
or knocked regularly should be carefully considered, as damage is possible and
there is little that can be done to repair it.

Anti-Warping Technology

Timber used in Normandy shutters have been selected due to their
many qualities, including its resistance to bowing and warping when kiln dried.

Moisture Resistance

The question of moisture resistance in Phoenixwood comes
down to the finish applied to its surface the finish is a U.V. stabilised single-pack
lacquer, and is designed for interior use only.

Sustainably Grown For a Better World

The Phoenixwood used for the Normandy shutters is grown mainly in
China and the Solomon Islands as a plantation timber.

Phoenixwood is a reasonably quick growing timber, and is readily available.

The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly and ongoing supply.

-100% premium hardwood shutter, luxurious timber grain and durable
-Sustainably sourced from well managed hardwood forests and tree plantations
-Available in 51 stunning paint and stain colours plus custom colour options
-Multiple hand sanding and finishing for the finest crafted furniture finish
-Wider panel options (1095mm) to create more open views and installation options
-Mid rail required at 1981mm
-Utilizes wood’s natural elegance, excellent strength to weight ratio and insulation
-Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option
-Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
-Wide range of special shapes and options available

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